snak or lion

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which is more deadly snake or a lion
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A snake.
Lion Obviously.....Lions Can Run.....Plus what snake....a garden snake?! nothing compared to a Lion. because Lion kill you in a single bite. Not a Sarden Snake
Totally lion.
both are good but ... snake cobra
pythons could crush a lion and actually the fastest snake (the blck mamba)slithers along at 45 MPH so i say snake
im scared of both, so i dont know
u really shoudn't be scared of snakes dispite there deadly venom and bone crushing muscles, there actually quite shy, i mean i live on the outskirts of sydney and belive me some of the deadliest snakes in world are sitting in side alleys and slithering thru grass and climbing bushes all the time and they totally freak out and hide if a human comes to close but if u stood on one u would get dose of poision that could stop ur heart in minutes from there fangs just check this:
im going whit lion and snake crossed toghether
lions can eat snakes. game over
no not unless there is a giant cobra and a tiny lion snake will win
the largest snake on Earth (the reticulated python) grows up to 10 meters long and can swallow a RHINO WHOLE and lions can only live without food a few weeks but snakes can go without food 3 YEARS 3 MONTHS