which is better milk chocolate or dark chocolate

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which would u rather eat milk chocolate or darkchocolate

i would have to choose darkchocolate
? thire both good but ya dark
milk choclate
DARK CHOCOLATE come to the dark side carnage lol jkjk
dark chocolate
honestly, i don't like milk, i like water
ummmm we r talking about chocolate ihk2 but i agree i like water better
wat about white, dark or milk?
probably chocolate milk because i don't like dark chocolate ( or chocolate bars)
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Ehh... It really depends on my mood, actually. I love them both. xD
milk dark is bitter
yeah thats why i don't like it
gaMeZ luver
gaMeZ luver
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MIlk Choco rockz:D
M3LK Chocolate hands down.
Is there another option like almonds.
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Milk chocolate and caramel. 8D
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Milk chocolate, but I prefer white chocolate with cookies. :DDD
milk chocolate is better than dark.
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The satanist who decided to defy nature and make a white colored chocolate....
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White ''Chocolate'' isn't even chocolate because it doesn't contain coca.
I personally like milk choclate better:0)