Really Funny Thing Here!

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Heres an idea i just got. Heres wat i want to do.
Sit next to a pretty girl on a bench at a park, fart and make it a really really loud and wet fart and dont worry, it'll smell!!! Then when she turns her head and looks at me im gonna say Ya. that just happened. and then walk away
Now do you think this is a good idea?
Wat are the possible outcomes of me doing this?
Answer the questions!!!
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ur gonna hav one less pretty girl liking u...
if u do that, u will make a complete idiot out of yourself
no not really cute joker. it will make a great youtube video that will definatley get over a million views, then i will become a youtube star and get a crap load of subscribers and make more funny videos
sooo true Peter
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you should do it it would be halareouse
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wats more hilarious is ur attempt to spell hilarious, anyway i think its not to good of an idea
lmao Trolls, i bet you look like one in real life though
and im gonna do it! as soon as i find a pretty girl in a park and as soon as i have bad gas