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We always need blackjack and hookers. *takes the hill back as I reveal that the money you got was just monopoly money* MY HILL
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo
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Originally posted by Fox
Originally posted by |FBG$| Rwhite*Grabs Charles' slut* Forget the hill, I'm gonna have me some fun >:D
*Recruits you to help me take over the hill; your pay? The slut, and $50,000 a month. Oh look, we're in debt with that other hill. Oh well. Anyways, shoots Sharkdog in the head with my Magnum and stands there, wind blowing and the sun shining on me in a badass way.* My hill. Oh, and I used my Flame I bow to kill the chickens.

I'll take you up on that offer. *Calls in mortar strike on the hill and its castles* MY HILL
*Has my long-range destroyers blow up Rwhite and any structures on the hill* MY HILL.
*Uses the Heaven Gun to kill you?* MY HILL.
*shoots you with a number 4 Caster Shell and watch as you're sucked up into a black hole* My hill.
*Comes back from the black hole and assassinates you with a Walther PPK.* The name's ----, Charles ----. My hill!
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*hires 007 to help AIJ, coincidence? I think not.* Our World. My Hill.
Your turn.
*Comes back from the dead and kills all of you, whilst becoming king of the globe again. MY HILL/WORLD.
*sics an army of putties on you and watch as you hilariously easily beat them. While you're distracted I take over the hill* MY HILL!
*Teleports behind you and wraps my arm around your throat, crushing the life out of you* Shush now. MY HILL.
Except no. I don't have a throat so meh. MY HILL STILL!
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I eat you all. My Hill.
*Tears my way out of your stomach and cuts your head off* MY HILL.
*possess the hill and becomes the hill* I AM THE HILL!

You can still call me yours but I'm still actually the hill now.
*Kills you all* My GENERIC NAME!
*Chops fox head off with a adamantium axe* My GENERIC NAME!
Wow. I can't believe this worked! Whoo for still being the hill!
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*has to pee* MY GENERIC NAME!
*Comes out of the shadows with a daiquiri, pours it on you all and lights a match, burning you.* MY HILL.
I am ruler of the world and all it's territories. MY GENERIC NAME/HILL.
*Blows up the world* B*tch, please. NO ONE'S HILL!
*The world you blew up was a fake world* STILL MY HILL.
*Destroys time, thus causing a chain reaction reversal of time. Time re-progresses and then we are back to the Hill's formation. I, and a large army of knights claim the hill and build a castle around it.* MY HILL.
*I redestroy the government and take over the world, then have one guy with a minigun kill all your knights* MY HILL.
*RE-Destroys time, causing this all to reverse. Then re-settles the hill and creates a new rule to the forum: Thou shant be able to rule anything but the hill, and the hill can always be taken. Ruling the universe or world is too god-modded.* My Hill!
The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. *Destroys your rule with my amazing god-mod powers and takes over the world again. MY HILL.
*Takes over the world by slaying you with my super heavy tablet of rules* MY RULEZ! MY HILL!
*Reincarnates and kills you with ma sorcery* MY HILL/WORLD.
*Also reincarnates and bites your neck, ripping it off, thus killing you slowly* MY HILL!
*It doesn't affect me in the slightest, and I chop your head off* MY HILL.
*Dodges and kicks you in the balls, and that affects even the most powerful rulers. You fall to the ground and I take over, using you as a footstool.* My HILL!
It affects the most powerful human rulers. I am not human. *Gets back up and administers a lethal version of the Vulcan nerve pinch to you* MY HILL/WORLD.
*Just plain kills you. No special antics, no weapons, no details that you can use to counter. Just kills you.* My hill.
But you're dead. You couldn't of killed me when you were dead. Therefore your post is invalid. Still my hill.
*laughing as he keeps reminding himself that at least someone is fighting over me now*
lucky u
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo
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*Uses a spell to absorb Generic Name's soul essence into a small gem, and smashes Sauron in the back of the head with a heavy mace* MY HILL.
*uses the soul gem to reposes the hill because my powers allow me to escape everything* Meh. I'd rather be the hill than fight.
*Returns from the dead.* Meh. I'll just watch this trainwreck.
Cool. Want a hill sandwich?
Sure. :D
*A satellite conveniently falls to earth, right on top of Rwhite* MY HILL.
Nice. *Secretly recruiting a rebel army, that, even though he god-mods, Ben CANNOT know about.*
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I can god mod everything.
Originally posted by FoxNice. *Secretly recruiting a rebel army, that, even though he god-mods, Ben ALREADY knows about.*
You're welcome Ben.
He can't know about it. Because it doesn't exist. So ha.
Well, no, he knows that about a non-existent army and gets ready for something that doesn't really exist. So he'll be distracted.

And I'm still the hill.
*Chillin' on ma throne on top of ma hill*
*Kills you* My hill.
Yo, do you guys mind if I walk around and stuff? I could use the change in scenery.
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo
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Well, if by "walk" you mean pathetically slowly get pushed around by plate tectonics, then go ahead. You have no other means of transportation.
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