Candy Crush Saga Online

Play the famous game Candy Crush online for free from your browser.

Candy Crush Saga Online

One of the most famous mobile apps is now here on the web to play for free. The game play in Candy Crush Online is the same as the saga that was brought to you on your iphone, ipad and android devices. The devloper, King, has decided to release this free online version for everyone to enjoy!

The same amazing graphics and sound effects are in this version, so you can enjoy the same features that you loved about the original. Use your mouse to swap out the candies. Match 3 of a kind to remove the candies from play.

The match 3 game mechanic has been around for years, but King has mastered the game play and addicting features that has left all of us wanting to play more! Millions of users play Candy Crush online, and now you should start as well! Candy Crush 2 would blow my mind!

If you can't ever have enough of this game, then here is a browser version for you to enjoy all day. I've been playing online for weeks and can not stop!

9/10 Love the Candy Crush Saga and I'm glad it's here to play on my browser!

Candy Crush Online

Play and enjoy!