Papa Cooking Games

Play all of the papa cooking games. We feature 7 papa games here on GamesButler.

Papa Cooking Games

Time to play all of the Papa Games! The Papa cooking games are developed by Flipline Studios which was founded in 2004. Currently there are 7 papa games with new games on the way! The games are Hot Doggeria, Freezeria, Burgeria, Taco Mia!, Wingeria, Pancakeria and Pizzeria. In each game you must master your tycoon, business, time management and cooking skills to complete each customer order.

Before playing each game you choose a character. Then from there you play a helpful tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game play. All of the games play the same. Customers give you an order and you make their food. The more accurate you cook the food, the more points and bigger tip you receive. Your goal is to make a lot of money!

The first papa game was Papa's Pizzeria, where you make top pizza exactly how the customer wants. Since then you open a Hamburger shop, made pancakes, topped tacos, handed out frozen treats and sold hot dogs. So what's next for this series? Hopefully a sub or salad place!

Papa Games

There are 7 papa games, so play them all and master your cooking skills! Which one do you like the most?