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End of the Year Bonus Points (+15 Points)
wow ... nice work Dom ... on making this site such a huge success ... :D
great job on the achievements!! i absolutely love them... now there's more ways to level up.. as well as more purpose to a game!! :D
U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
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you should have made a black n' white dragon design on the corner and make it slanted... that would be kool... :D

btw... i dont want it... so don't count me in on the contest! :P (not that i don't like gamesbutler but i just don't want to go through the trouble of keeping track of it everyday...and asking all sorts of questions...which will take up alot of valuable time since i need to study for my exams! :P)
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
and i especially loved the notifications page its now sooo much easier... :P
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
this is amazing ... Dom you should definitely do it!! maaan i cant wait for this to come out! it looks soo sleek and manageable and is that your voice in the video?? :P
Weekly Bonus Points: July 11th - July 18th
that is just amazing and like everybody else i love the level up bar it shows us how much is excatly left and it pretty much rocks...
Weekly Bonus Points: July 4th - July 11th
i love gamesbutler because of all the millions of games it has..its just so fun to play them..and games are also added almost everyday and thats why i dont get boored by playing the same game over and over again...there's always something new and exciting..=)
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
My favourite games vary but the type of games i like are the ones like Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5...and others in the series (havent played any other naruto game) and Prince Of Persia

and the thing you should do for gamesbutler's 2'nd birthday is to give everyone free 50 points!! yay!! lol...
if not that then do something out of the hold a contest to see who can submit a game (of their own making) to gamesbutler and the best one of those games gets a bonus 2000 points ( i mean making a great game is pretty hard) but still give everyone free 50 points!! yaaay!! lawl! =)
Weekly Bonus Points: June 13th - 20th
Weekly Bonus Points: June 1st - 6th
im looking forward to teaching my pet parrot..."bone crusher" to say "yo, whassup!?" and to play all my newest awesome games such as god of war 3 etc... i did my exams pretty well and im hoping i got 1st position....
Weekly Bonus Points: May 23rd - May 30th
the only 1 thing i hate about gamesbutler?? hmm....that would be...the fact that there are few bloody games..i just love blood shedding..either that or lack of HD games...everything else is just awsome esppecially the point giving system!
Weekly Bonus Points: May 16th - May 23rd
hey Dom..i have an idea...(by the way i have replied to your answers by messaging you) how about for the next week we give everyone a second chance at sky jump? and with higher rewards..if not this then...anything with high rewards like +50 points or something...thanks
Weekly Bonus Points: May 9th - May 16th
yay!! 12 hours till i get 20 more points! woohoo!! thx the way..dom..i want to know how to post games because i nee to increase my points and i would like to make this an even better site can you please tell me? thanks.
Weekly Bonus Points: May 9th - May 16th
yay!! i currently hold 1st place...awsome!