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hay guys keep posting wanna know my fright i am so scared of spiders they r so creepy all crawly and harry and gross ew i just hate them
YES it is I!
who r u. a freak job yeah thats who u r
Whatcha Gonna be For Halloween?
Originally posted by FoxI'm going to be me, in a black fedora, with clip on fangs, because my real ones haven't grown in yet.
Here's the suit I will also wear. I wore it to an award ceremony as a freshmen. XD
nice stash *laughs*
Just a very awesome person.(:
you sound nice.add me.i am nice too.well... maybe just maybe we can be good friends
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Favorite food?
Originally posted by Solcycle :|akatsuki|:Correction: she has 8 accounts. And, I will never, ever, ever make up with you! I already made that mistake once. And filling all these forums with spam is not going to fix ANYTHING!!! And everybody with a right mind agrees.
i agree
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10/10 for being nice
Baseball Life
Originally posted by |FBG$| RwhiteI'm glad this forum got Off-Topic'd. I, speaking as an American, find the lack of consideration of other ways atrocious. Baseball is quite the boring sport and it's players do not have a "hard life". A handful of other countries partake in it, but that does not mean all do or should.

Also, the forum was capped off with spam :P
how could you say softball and baseball is boring it is soooooooo fun am i right or am i right.
whats the best thing you can do?
well...i can put my feet behind my head and lift my leg super high.and i can do both these things IN JEANS
pick pants or feet tell why
Originally posted by FoxDrugs.
Who does not like prplandblk?
well... it is not rude cuz i heard people saying she is selfish and i wanna know why.
Pretty Little Liars
I think this so called ''A'' is Jenna or Toby.To let all of you know,Jenna is the blind chick,and Toby is the smart girls boyfriend.The so called ''A'' could not have been Garet because he was killed,and after the girls found out Garet was dead this ''A'' person sent them another text.So it is not him.Oh and Garet is the creppy cop dude.It could also can be Mona.Mona is the girl in the nut house.It is getting harder and harder to find out who is the so called ''A''.I an not wait till the end so I can find out who ''A'' is.If you know more then me please messege me because i am not at good as this as my sister prplandblk.
Romney vs. Obama
bama baby!
Who does not like prplandblk?
please tell me she is my real life sister i will talk to her.sometimes she just gets jelly.
When's ur birthday???
sorry guys she is just jelly.prplandblk is my sister.HAILEY STOP BEING MEAN TO STRANGERS
yo moma jokes
yo moma so fat,she needs a gps to wipe her butt
who is your fav singer?
i love avril lavigne
yo moma jokes
tell some funny yo moma jokes i have a few myself.
Whatcha Gonna be For Halloween?
hailey don't steal my idea idea taker oh and for the pepz that are not prplandblk, prplandblk is my sister.
Romney vs. Obama
just look at LoveingGames post it is so true romney only cares about himself he is a selfish little joke.
Do you like GamesButler?
i love games butler it gets me away from my annoying life
i like the movie white chicks i know prplandblk likes it because is my real life sister
best game
i would say um...... well thats hard for me it would be.....maybe gangnam run or brat base ball.
what scares you?
pick pants or feet tell why
pick pants or feet tell why
chose one write about it