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Top 10 video games best and worst
Originally posted by camarenWorst:
1:angry birds

Birds don't do anything with the eggs,the pigs eat the eggs.Birds shoot peck and use the power up.

Favorite video game chain
sonic unleashed!
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
yo mommas so dumb she went to walgreens and thought the walls were green!hahahahahaha!
Favorite super smash bros character
Originally posted by DanReally? I never really liked Lucario, I preferred to play as Capt. Falcon, or maybe Ness
ness is is boss,maybe falco or pikachu
Chat battle
Originally posted by Angel BunnyAnd now I will insert a bit of text no one can see.
Unless you quote this bit of text, no one reads it but me. :)
i can just zoom in.
My Hill
Originally posted by I.I.C.D.M.M Sauron |FBG$|
Originally posted by camaren
Originally posted by I.I.C.D.M.M Sauron |FBG$|I jump back on the hill and throw you to the moon. MY HILL.
I grab a sword slice you and steal your money.MY HILL

That doesn't make it your hill...

Still My Hill.
i throw you in a lake so a crocodile can get you and gon on the hill.MY HILL