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Perfect Yo Mamma Joke
your mamas are all stupid
Perfect Yo Mamma Joke
1 your mama so ugly she went into a costume contest and the judge said no professionls aloud
2 your mama so ugly when she went into a haunted house she came out with a pay check 3 your mama so fat she went to the doctors and the doctors said you are to fat you will break the beds
4 your mama so stupid she was taking a test and couldn't even pass the 1 question your name
wats better a dog or a cat???
a dog because they do things unlike cats cats are the wprst animal in the world because once i had a cat and guess what it bit my dads finger and his finger was like 2 inches bigger and it was nasty looking and cats are lazy they bite and they alsoo scratch and they stink and many more things so that is why i like dogs better and i have one she i puggle mixed with a beagle she is really cute you should see her she listens real well unlike cats and she does not hump anything so huh in your faces you loosers if anybodyelse thinks that cat are better they are crazy.
wats better being a girl or a guy
well then.................someone better send me back

wats better being a girl or a guy
oh and all you boys that are talking i am a girl just to let u no and cesar24 u suck know why girls can take risks because look in the world record book girls can do what boys can do and guess what most girls around the world don't even put on makeup so u are a LOOSER OH AND U SUCK FROM A GIRLS POINT OF VIEW oh and i also think that i can also beat the heak out of u if i new u so don't talk about girls again!!!!!
wats better being a girl or a guy
i think it would be fun to be a boy or a girl because although i am a girl it looks also fun being a boy but i also think girls are better than boys

can any one suggest a game for me to play
can anybody think of good games for me to play because i play all boring games
what is love
i had a bf and 1o