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40k members! Random T-Shirt giveaway ^_^
Hell yeah !!
New clan
Originally posted by TDOR CharlesFoxKaysNot to be rude, but there's a rule against advertising clans on forums. Just sayin'.
ok Man well how about we just keep the forum and if Dom doesnt like it then he can take it down. Just sayin.
New clan
Originally posted by louifnfsIm ranked General 4th grade on halo reach and level 47 on battlefield 3
Ok man your in. just put |$DTN$| at the front of your name.
Zombie Apocalypse :)
umm would have to say call up FPSRussia and ask for some help
if u would have sex with beyonce or riahhna wich one would it be
Going have to say Rihanna
35k members! Random T-Shirt giveaway ^_^
hell yer send the shirt this way
who thinks that we should get apps for www.gamesbutler.com on the IPOD
haha be pretty cool if there was the gamesbutler app for the iphone or ipod
Lets do a random Rp story
Which is better XBOX 360 or PS3 ?
Monster Truck 2: Now With High Scores
heeeeeelllll yeah
Call of Duty: MOVIE!!!
haha great pic even better movie
New site
looks ok
Most Successful Video Game
it would have to be mario but God Of war to me is one of the other best series out there along with COD and halo.
dbz : origins remake
what u using to make this so called game
Addams Family
never seen the show but the first movie was on the other night thought it was pretty good..
Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh
Pokemon i rekn great game played few on Project64 platform n was awsome
What are you wearing?
Originally posted by Frances FarmerThen why didn't you give me addadress yet?
WBP Feb 5th-12th. +10 points
very awesome theres just one thing i think you might of forget to do if you havent done it alreay, for the top part of the search engine and where it says home to community, when ever you go to scroll down the page it stays at the top so you dont have to scroll all the way back up to search for something or to go to forums etc.. like on face book when you scroll down if that helps to give you an idea what im on about:))
WBP Jan 8th - 15th +10 Points
not sure if its just me but when you go to search something at the top it comes up with what you might be looking for but when you go to click on the right one it does nothing and same when you use the arrows and press enter it only comes up on another page then making you click yet again on the game to play it.
WBP Aug. 7 - 14th. +5 Points, T-Shirt Giveaway
cool man sounds mad
WBP July 17th - 24. +5 points
looks great very easy to understand and good set up...
WBP July 10th - 17. +5 points
stupid jokes
f.u.c.k.i.n.g smart a.s.s haha
stupid jokes
Your mom's so fat she needs a map to find her butt.

Yo Mama >.<
Your momma's like a gun, two cocks and she's loaded!
whats the best video game ever
God Of War simply because its has the best graphics and was voted #1 sony game. and i herd they are making a fourth one carnt f.u.c.k.i.n.g wait:)
prob one of the best sites for downloads.....
lol y r u tellin this
Xbox vs Ps3
Ps3... and by the way the wii is sh.i.t and for the online gaming for the PS3 its free not like the xbox
WBP July 3rd - 10th. +10 points
1. great range of cool games
2. Some games not having highscores or rewards and ads playing befor the game
3. more rewards and better quality games and dislike ratings
super 8 nt sure if its in the movies yet but
who watches wwe wrestleing
wrestleing is fake its all shi.t but back in the old days the shi.t was real
But U.F.C is the best shi.t its the real crap
Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops?
black ops for sure
School on Saturdays for (AUS)
yer if this bad happens ill be piss... what u rekn?
Chuck Norris jokes
chuck norris can start a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.
WBP June 21st - 26th. +5 points, T-shirt
bubble gum vannila mint
WBP June 12-19th. +10 points
1. Would have to say also shooters
2. I mostly play single games
WBP June 5-12. +5-25 Points
umm would have to say duck life
wat a ****** spider theres bigger ones then that
WBP May 21st - 29th. +10 points
1. duck life
2. armor mayhem
3. Rage Arena
4. truck launch maniac
5. Man in Gap
WBP May 8th-15th. +10 points
1. really easy to work out things
2. not enough games with high scores
3. need more awsome zombie and shooting games:)
My Review Of Black Ops
its just a awsome game
Favorite videogame seris
wats your fav game
Playstation Network being HACKED
yer rito then
Black ops or morden warfare 2
ummm no bad black ops all the way FTW
gamesbutler v3
hell yes heaps mad
Playstation Network being HACKED
Ok lets just start of wat the hell how can the network be hacked by a 19 year old thats just bull bad. And why the hell has it been a month and it still doesnt work. OMG this is just all bull bad lol it just not any fun playing off line.
Whats Better: Halo Series Or The Call Of Duty Series?
Ummm COD all the way FTW:)