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smexi lexi is not fake!
haters gonna hate
WBP Feb 5th-12th. +10 points
That looks kewll
25k Members Giveaway! (Winners)
oooo i got the award last week sometime and i cant like on facebook!
Im back/make jokes
where u been girl??? miss talking to you everyday
Truth or dare
idk any
Emo vs. Goth
Emo all the way!!
25,000 Members!
Adventure Time
i dont watch it!!
ive got shot
yall r strange
Weekly Bonus Points Oct 30 - Nov 6th +5 points
New activity feed/game feed ideas (+10 points)
heeyyyyy thAts good
Live Preview: New video player (+5 points)
Live Preview: New video player (+5 points)
WBP Oct. 3rd - 9th. +10 points
what funny things happen in your life?
what funny things happen in your life?
if u dont no u dont need to no
WBP Sept. 19-25. +10 points
You'll see...
^ yeah not much
> ramen noodles are delish
V whats ur fav food??
WBP Aug. 7 - 14th. +5 Points, T-Shirt Giveaway
you r all so different in a strange way but it is ok
Own world
my world is a secret ;)
I'm going to die.
so rudeeeee
I AM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
Invisible Condoms....?
strange people
Invisible Condoms....?
Can u ever trust
i guess u sdou469
i met carrie underwood
v3 Beta Signups
wat is it
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
yo mamas teeth so yellow when she smiled all the fat kids came running
WBP March 5th - 13th +10 points
sounds great
i would have loved to see that movie
WBP Feb 20 - Feb 27 +10 Points
1) dont care
2) dont no
3) love it
WBP Feb 13 - Feb 20 +5 Points
open me
yes he does
some of it not much
open me
yall r so mean :(
I am alive
i am glad u did dont think on the bad side b glad u made it
I am alive
open me
i am changing this to:
celeb that advertises for a product and wat product
mine is jutin bieber for r.a.b= remeber alex brown
I am alive
thank god u r alive
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
yo mama so fat when she saw a school bus she said "stop that twinkie"
yo mama so fat when she does push-ups she dont go up the Earth goes down
yo mama so dumb she got fired from a m&m factory for throwing away all the w's
WBP Jan 30 - Feb 6 +5 Points
lovee it
wat is your fav tv show and movie
glee and the twilight seris
heyy guys look at this
WBP Jan 18th - 23rd +5 Points
if you had a best friend here who would it be
i would have to say TDOR Metropal I.I.C.D.M.M
who do u like
not funny
1000 Gamers
569 gamer
top songs of 2010
pray - justin bieber
Island in the Sun
have fun
top songs of 2010
idk i put things that came out