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i saw it, it was amazing never came to my mind to think of such a brilliant idea looks like ur smarter than almost all of us :P
WBP Oct. 31st - Nov 7th + T-shirt Giveaway
1.welcoming voice saying welcome to gamesbutlers ...(menu, games ection, etc...) get what i mean?
2.A chance to make ur own games for gamesbutler or games made by Dom himself( you ?;P)
3.Art section and top artist sections!


4.Voting section something like Debates but in safe mode :D
5.With high score, will be able to be the second highest in rank after Dom (you;P) himself!
will be able to send all resonable reports back to Dom(you:P)and any unresonable will result in warnage and soon results in banage. but if they were resonable the cop or police or watever u like to call it(:D)will have his badge or rank or watever u like to call it(:D)taken or from high rank lowered until badge etc.. taken and will increase if did good for a limited time u choose :|
+5 Bonus Points (+T-Shirt) Oct. 3rd - 10th
Weekly Bonus Points: August 1st - August 8th
i really actually like it since it is more 'neat'* and escpecially tyhe online friends thing i really like that even better if u could chat with them.the medals bar is also really nice and if u could change all users points collecting bar like the one in the picture hen it would be easier for poeple to knoow how many points are left to collect for the next level so nobdy would have to caculate the remaining points needed to go to the next level.
*=by 'neat' i mean easier to see and click!!
Weekly Bonus Points: July 18th - July 25th
I LOVE IT since all the games are together and are able to find even easier!! the fact that u put it like that makes it look even neatier too!:D
No More Clan Invites
yea i agree with guest i dont get any clan invites anyway!!
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
my idea is nice!!!!!!
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
my favourite game is risk!! its a board game and i dont know celebrate by putting a sacventure hunt on the site and u have to figure out the clue to get like 500 or 200 or 1000 points etc... and continue putting games such as this!!!
Weekly Bonus Points: June 13th - 20th
Old Games now With High Scores
yessssssss thanks!!
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oh nice!
Weekly Bonus Points: June 1st - 6th
@mooch which citycuz i have been there i will also live there forever after 3 years!!
Weekly Bonus Points: June 1st - 6th
celebrating my BD!!!
Favorite Movie
shutter island was nice but kinda lame too!!
A Word About Spammers...
wats spam?! and not the meat kind one!!
Who Beat My High Score?!
Castaway Help
yea that happened to me but somehow my cousin got to do it!!
RiDdiLeS & jOkEs
RiDdiLeS & jOkEs
i have another one which is there iss this guilty person which has too be punished!! the punisher says" ok i will give u a choice"he tells him that u can either go in room 1,2 or 3!! in room one there are assions ready to kill u!!! and in room 2 there is flaming fire!! and in room 3 there are lions which havet eaten in 3 years!! WHICH ROOM WILL HE G INTO!!!?????


Answer. he would go in room 3 since the lions are dead because THEY HAVENT EATEN IN 3 YEARS!!!
RiDdiLeS & jOkEs
i have one:- there was a guy how was working in 50 feet high building! then suddenly some guy runs and bangs the door open shouting "Hossain Hossain, your dor Saddar was commited sucide!! he gets so sad without thinking he just jumps out of the window!! then when he is from 50 feet high to 40 feet high he remembers oh wait i never had a dauther with the name Saddar! later he reaches 30 feet high he remembers oh wait i never had a daughter! then when he reaches 20 feet high he remembers oh wait i never married!! then when he reaches 10 feet high he remember s OH WAIT MY NAME IS NOT EVEN HOSSAIN!!!!!! then he dies!! the end hahahaha
Weekly Bonus Points: May 23rd - May 30th
not much send score games and very hard to get scores i meaan try to make the scores go high AGAIN like it was before(u know until u chenged it)
Weekly Bonus Points: May 16th - May 23rd
1. my friend showed me the game torture game 3 and i liked it so i gt an account!!
2. not really!! y pay to play when u can play ther games for FREEE!!!
3. not yet but when i get a mobile(really soon) i will try.
4. if they seemeed cool!!
5. cheese pizzaaaaaaa!!!!
Weekly Bonus Points: March 28th - April 4th
2:Wizards Of Waverly Place(on disney channel)
3:Only home
5:everything, the forums, the sections, the rating just everthing
i am guessing gamesbutler because it is really more exciting and way more easy to help others with the help room and walkthroughs!!!!