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Flappy Bird
Flapy bird high score: 144
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Don't tell me what to do! I don't listen to ratchets like you.
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Originally posted by Paramore

She has created another account.

That is not me! I only have one account!
Who is better lookin Spikey Mikey or DaPitbull? (Both r from 2B1)
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Originally posted by Chochi

Its all true..
Best of 2013 - Vote
Originally posted by |FBG$| VeKo
Originally posted by Shawn
Originally posted by Mostafox
Originally posted by Shawn
Originally posted by Denisa
Originally posted by Mostafox
Originally posted by LolaaHe deleted it, again. xD Dont worry mosta, you'll still be the worst mod. Admit it..
Unless you're actually gonna answer the questions in the poll, don't post anything.
She can post whatever she want , as long as she contains the gamesbutler rules.
Anyway you can delete our comments but you can't delete that fact that none likes you as a Mod .
PS : Have a nice Christmas.
Haha, True that. And Everyone can post whatever he/she wants. It's not against the rules when Some people share their opinions on Some mod, It Mostly seems like you're the only one who deletes posts, Not other mods or Admin.
No, this is the "Best of 2013 Vote" thread, not "Express your feelings about other users" thread, so either place your votes or refrain from posting and further derailing the topic.

Merry Christmas.
Haha, When we make forums About Expressing "Feelings", You just delete it. And Merry Christmas to you too.
As far as I know, Mosta doesn't do much deleting. When I saw the "Worst mod" forum it was already locked, but I had the honor of deleting it.
There's nothing wrong with expressing positive feelings (i.e. this forum), but please keep your hatred to yourself. Mosta isn't as bad as you all think, but your attitudes towards him only worsen the problem.
Happy Pagan Winter Solstice holiday.

Oh now someones talking for Mosta how sweet -.-
What is the best present you got for Christmas.
Ipod touch.
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and this one
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Ok, I havens been on this forum for a long time and not doing my job, But anyways.. My message to you!
Best of 2013 - Vote
1. Generic
2.Not so sure.
5. Dont know
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Originally posted by Tom Ghettoooo

Oh shush , I will my ghetto all over you -.-
A doctor says to his patient....
Zombies Are Coming On 12 January!
I vote this should be locked.
Dumb Jokes
Why do people in the Internet just talk in academic language do you know how boring it is?!
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Ooooo this forum is so.....
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*rubs neck.*
Winter Wonderland!
Its ll about snow! And its your imagintion and your thoughts how Winter Wonderland would look :)
My ideas:
''Dear Santa..'' Christmas 2013!
Christmas is so fun!
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Any ideas?
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We need a Debate on this fourm
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Drama on Gb!!!!!!
Hmmm continue people answer this
How much wood does a woodchuck does a woodchuck chop wood? Guess from 1-100 winner will be announced..
Drama on Gb!!!!!!
Hello gb members!!! This forum is going to be all about drama on here! You can post whatever you want (about Drama.) and yeah.... (That was cheesy). But Anyways, presenting DRAMA ON GB!!!!!
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DRAMA IS ON!!!!!!!
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1.) Eat Icecream
2.) Go to school :)
3.) Go to France.
4.) Beat up Tom.
5.) Go to Germany
AND LAST FOR ALL!! A superhero (me.) Says its famous quote! :)
Superheros have the brains, Humans have phones but are very stupid.
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Hmmmmmmm I have another intresting fact! Oh yeah and Para, I have a job on Clan:TIJF, and its the person to just random, facts for the topic to make it look better....You know what nevermind :| Oh yeah the fact :)
Mods 2.0
I want to be a mod for chat rooms only!
A message to all!
Cheetah Girl, I see why they cyber bully you. -.-
Recent Hacking
Woah! So much! Awesome! Good thing I changed my password!
NO Agent Spidey love me .
LOL!! Spidey good luck. (.o.)
''Dear Santa..'' Christmas 2013!
Thanks Denisa you took my idea!
A message to all!
Originally posted by Amethysti can't get on my profile o.o

Me too
This sucks I cant see the chat!
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Originally posted by SpideyDat blue shirt..

Ha! I like this topic already
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Originally posted by Paramore
Originally posted by DaincegalWait I thought the topic was online dating. But now it about cats!? This place is werid.

The topic is about food! You see cats,I see food.
This is the special home delivery dead cat service :
Still fresh and tasty. (◣◡◢)

Mod Feedback
Like I've being saying, Mosta Fox that mod is a very unfair mod. I agree that the other mods are all better than Mosta because when you ask Mosta a question he never really answers.But for other mods they do answer your questions. I believe that I should be a mod because I'm never that rude to most people here. Now people this is my opinion of what I think about the mods.
Thank you!
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Wait I thought the topic was online dating. But now it about cats!? This place is werid.
Favorite Football team
American football or football?
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My opinion about online dating is stupid.
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little SPIDEY!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Chochi
Originally posted by SpideyTopic:
If you woke up and didn't find anyone in your house, You look at the window and find dead bodies on street, Blood covering Cars..etc
You see people walking with blood in their faces eating eachother's meat..
And you're one of the survivors in The City/Town.. What ya gonna do?

1. Hide in the closet. XD
2.Call for police and check if anyone's alive.
3. Call your best friends' numbers and check if any of them alive

You can choose one of those, Or do something Diff from those..

Well.. I'd be happy if that happens. Being on a zombie apocalypse is one of my twisted dreams.

So I'd choose 5* and 6*

6: Find a survival group. Or make one ;)

Chochi is back!
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Originally posted by Denisa
Originally posted by Tom
Originally posted by Spidey
Originally posted by Tom
Originally posted by SpideyBitch! NewYork 2Pm XD
Bring your Pink weapon..
ill het my purple thingy ;)
I shouldn't have read this.. ,_,

Haha remind me to bring popcorn Missy! Lol
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Originally posted by Paramore

That wa a rumor!
300 or Die Hard?
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Originally posted by Spidey

Nun ah not me in normal self I didnt get to put my avatar makeup!
King AJ's Castle
What is so intresting about this it looks boring....
Mobile test 0.2
Prefect! It works nicely on my tablet
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Originally posted by Agent SpideyMy net life started 2 years ago, When i first Visited a site called XgenStudios, Honestly, It was an Amazing site Got lots of Multiplayer games, I Played a Multiplayer game Called "Territory War 2 Online" and That was where i first online chatted with such strangers from all the world.. The game got Loppy, Chat, Clans, Matches..Etc It's kind of small sized game Which doesn't need any download. When I Became 13 and got bored of the game, I Searched for another Site for Nice games, And here i found Gamezhero. There i met: Sexylady, Chris, Kila, Hallo, MissySombra, And Finally, Chochi And Nat These were my first friends i met quickly when i joined that site, I joined Gb Right after when Kila told me to make an account at Gb (At first i was like, What the fuck is gamesbutler?) Anyways, There I first chatted with Kila, Then Nat.. And Became friends with such new people here, Like z0ra, Para, Ace, Angelbunny, And TDOR Unknown who became my enemy sometime later Then recently I met Mimi, Tom, Lolaa, Rothe, Ikuto, Nova, Haz, Willow, Kez, Ei.. And that's how I'm here now Hehe..

Sincerely, Shawn.. (A.k.a Spidey ^)

So extra spiedo
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