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funny joke
hes saying hes just been born by the donkey saying hes a jackass
your moma jokes
#1 your moma so dumb she got hit by a parked car.
#2 your moma so ugly she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.
#3 your moma so dumb she took the puzzle back cause she thought is was broke.
#4 your moma so dumb i said look a dead bird and she looked in the air.
#5 your moma so poor i say her kicking a can down the street and i asked what she was doing she said moving.
#6 your moma so skinny she can hula hoop through a chreeio.
#7 your moma so dumb she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go.
#8 your moma so ugly her reflection ran away.
#9 your moma so short you can see her feet in her drivers lincesce.
#10 your moma so fat when she washes her feet dont get wet.
#11 your moma so fat when she steps on the scales it says to be continued
any one who wants to be friends add me or leave comments on my page thanks.........:)(:
best rapper
lil waynes raps are sick but i also like eminem but lil wayne more just my opinion...
funny joke

a indain man a black man and a white man are robbing a bankand the police see them the indain man hides under a car and the police ask whats he doing he responds fixing this car. the police believe him and walk away. the black man got a ladder and went up a light pole the cops ask him whats he doing he says fixing this broken light the police believe him and walks away. the white man hides under a donkey and the cops ask what hes doing he responds ive just been born.
what is your favorite game
my favorite game is probaly all games
the herp
Originally posted by Polokid24
Originally posted by Geek of Rock
Originally posted by Charles.... So no one noticed he actually asked this question which means either he has it, has a possibility of getting it, or knows someone who has it. .-. Lesson here, don't have premarital ****, God hates it.

god hates it? LMFAO!!!!! how the f*** do you know what god hates? do you actually believe the sh*t church shoves down peoples throats? the church is bunch of hipacrites!
Don't you believe that an almighty entity created the earth and everything in it.
do you believe in god
the herp
i dont know???
best rapper
who is the best rapper alive right now i like lil wayne. what about you all?
Rate the avatar above you
10/10 for you and 5/10 for the person above me but nice name
what is the best team in football right now and whats your favorite team? mine is green bay packers
This is probablly the lamest question anyone will ask...
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Which is better XBOX 360 or PS3 ?
ps3 is better because free internet
Epic Rap Battles
ive watch all of them but not the first one
Santa Stress
this is freakin funny
Modern werfare 3 ?!
black ops and mw3 is are some of the best games out so is battlefield 3
Obama Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
obama is one of the best prezidents we have had he is better then bush.