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Don't click the picture
oh my god it's gonna kill me
You'll see...
^with less of that white stuff on top , maybe
>I like the limited edition kiwi pavlova for rugby world cup
V snowboarding or sandboarding?
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WBP July 10th - 17. +5 points
WBP July 3rd - 10th. +10 points
1. filtered games
2. perverted forums
3. the bar on top takes up space
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WBP June 12-19th. +10 points
1. NS shaft
2. single player
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End of World
the guy who predicted it is contradicting himself, he said it must be the end of the world because the bible is always right. but the bible also said no one knows when the end of the world, not even the angels.
WBP May 21st - 29th. +10 points
pokemon td
duck life 3
fault line
johnny why 2
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Dansu, orokana hito, dansu
people don't learn Japanese from anime, u can only learn words from anime.
and what I wrote was translated by a native speaker
哈哈哈哈哈 XD

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Musical Instruments?
I play the Recorder
dat was lame
what would you do with 100,000,000,000,000,000$
I'll buy Google with the money
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Dansu, orokana hito, dansu
u used the google translate right? It's wrong
by the way I said u got ur romaji wrong, it's supposed to be "Dansu, oroka na hito, dansu"
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Dansu, orokana hito, dansu
A new staff member!
I dont think he'll be much help with that old computer even if he can code stuff
My epic letter
thats a hard request for the board
u will have to save up lots to get all those items
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v3 Feedback
I dont like ads on profile page, please put them somewhere else like on forum pages
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quelque chose d'amusant comme jouer à des jeux
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WBP May 8th-15th. +10 points
1. quick search bar
2.white background is a bit plain without anything else
3.less categories
Did you hear the news?
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new word gamestarting whit
which was fake
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v3 Feedback
its awesome but having too many buttons to change ur avatar and profile theme is just weird.
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Add something
because she was
For old time's sake...
which split into more (.)(.)
word assotiation
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Last beta preview
make it smaller like the current 1
For old time's sake...
her drink turned into a giant zombie and bit off...
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Justin Bieber...rules...sucks
his body will poison the water and the fish
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