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The randomer the better!
Wow thats so random.
tv show
teen wolf
the best comeslast
who u guyes talkin about ?? :/
Truth or dare
haha just go for one whole day walkin around everywhere u live but the catch is naked that would be hilarious super funny. but go shopping too lol i would pay watever for someone to do that.not being nasty but just to have fun and have a good laugh. :]
The users we love(or the person that is our best friend on here)
nice quite a show well i would have 2 say as a good frd would be my dear frd peter but theirs alot of nice other frds on game butler :] 8)well later ›_‹
guyes just want wat they want..thats wat it is i guess and it gives them pleasure.lol idk
Does anyone like cookies?
yup but chocolate chip cookies but like warm and that would be great cookie but u know oreo and all of those others too.
Who is your bestest friend on gamesbutler?
Aly~boo Chai :D
What are you wearing?
im wearing everything pastry a white with green letters that say "i heart pastry" uhmm white jean shorts that on top says pastry as well ,and well my neon sire lime pastry shoes im all about pastry i love it:D
Is My Love not Enough for You
well not beeing mean but get over that person dont be after him/or her just ignor athat person and move on he'll be the one hurt and ull feel bigger than him :D trust me i know.
Rock paper scissors...
when i play we both get the same thing ?? oh well
why date when all the other person wants to do is hang out with his/her ex
wow guyes lol well u did good to defend ur self but that mutherfuqker(mofo)shouldnt of let her hit u.B T W u 2 just made him happy cause u both fought for him so pretty much his happy know to c u two fight but u go gurl.D
I AM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
kool that ur back u have alot too catch up with and WELCOME back and u know i nothiced u came back i wusz here when that happen welcome:Pand u know i missed u and ur stupid things u say even thou their funny and miss them and bruno back off
WOW i guesz and everythings true i shouldnt be a internet who.re cuz i cant even make out or fu.ck with someone im dateing here.. but WTF i ait care .ohh sorry PETER:S:D never happening too bad sorry PEACE
if you had a best friend here who would it be
aww thanx CESAR u too ur a really go0d frd and i know i can trust u with anything ohh and i have lotsz of frds but the best are cesar,peter,amy,xhibt,and AJ belive it or not BRUNO MARS even thou i dont know him that well but i know his kool ohh 4got... CHARELS srry love u guyes
I'm going to die.
LOL guyes nice try but i dnt have nothing and PETER epic 5:raped by a giant panda bear wow heehee good one
Steelers or Packers???
i dnt know on that one cuz i accualy went 4 another team but accualy they sucked this year a.k.a cowboysz
but know i think steelers cuz i made a bet that they would win and if they do win well $200 in my pocket.
WOW!well,dnt know wat 2 say 4 this 1!(:
how many ppl live in the(US)
Whats ur favorite cookie and candy
(thinking)uhmmm i dnt know but i eat lotsz of junk fo0d BTW
Pepsi or Coke
but if u put big red well big red is the best BTW
my fav 2 r BIG RED n PINEAPPLE
Pepsi or Coke
im nt sure but im guessing pepsi but i still like coke BTW(:
if you had a best friend here who would it be
uhmm peter,xero well who my kidding evry1
anywr anytime im ready
Plan To Sneak Into PB Mansion!
ok if u guysz say so
Wat would u do if Gamesbutler wasnt a website
i wouldnt be on my lop top as much just 2 check myspace thats it
Have you every cried?
ive cried a lil but i guesz i wouldnt say y and peter i know wat u thinkin well yes dat just once!
Plan To Sneak Into PB Mansion!
WOW guyes and gurls LMFAO!LOL
do u think they will get a huge cake wow think of somethin else dnt u think!
whoz a single pringl3
who0z single!nd happy 2 be that way
or some1 who wants do date!
well if u do wanna date some1 just tell me nd ill help u!(:
everybodyz leaving
ohh never mind i aint leaving no more
If you are leaving
wow okay seemz like everybodyz leaving szo0 i dnt have anything else 2 do here so anywayz i already put my fourm so0 maybe ill be leavin i just asked dom 2 do it 4 me u can read it 4rm my comments!well bye..<33
everybodyz leaving
watever but atleast it doznt lo0k simple like urz nd btw i like it dat way pluse numberzwr just the 0
everybodyz leaving
everybodyz leaving
Haterz Gonna Hate ur stupid how can other pple now wat im talking bout exept u ur stupid seriously D.A
everybodyz leaving
wow how everybodys leaving now if my go0d pple r leaving well me 2 so ill wait till like the 26 or maybe more cuz i dnt really su.ck like the pple dat r nd bye 2 the ones dat r!<33
I might be leaving
sure nows everybody leaving then well bye me 2 lets see wen ill be back!
Im leaving
well wat cn i do just 2 say bye
how many friends do u have
if you can meet any famous person who would it be?
Haterz Gonna Hate i wuznt talking in spanish D.A
Let's clean this place up
sure watever
if you can meet any famous person who would it be?
mt azz nahh i dnt know!maybe my boobiez nahh jkjk=]
wtf jaja wow pple ur obssesed
okay den if he leavez maybe ill leave 2 ohh and f.u.c.k all haterz of peter damn u pple
Im Leaving
damn u peter gosh it just makes me sad can u atleast tell me y ur leaving if ur leaving im 2
dat i have dated wayy more dan u i started like in pre-k
who0s th3 sexxiiest bit.ch in game butler
ja ja px okay
wow peter ive won u
who0s th3 sexxiiest bit.ch in game butler
wow guyz ko0l i like them like dat and im kinda like u pimpn'swagg jaja but guyz