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YES it is I!
Originally posted by I.I.C.D.M.M Sauron |FBG$|
Originally posted by |FBG$| GangstaNinja (;EPiC;)all that is fake though...except for the chinook.

So is the ability to raise the dead, but I don't see you complaining about that. Anyway, I'm on your side. I just kidnapped Torrey.
just playin along with it. in my opinion (nobody get mad at me) i dont get any of this. its all naruto, avatar and efing pokemon! sounds nerdy. no offense.
torreys hostage! *handcuffs her to a bike rack*
King AJ's Castle
The randomer the better!
i like trains...
YES it is I!
*punches you in the face*
Emo vs. Goth
way to tell 'em like a man!!!
YES it is I!
rise!!! *the army of the dead rise from the ground and become ready to follow any command from me*
YES it is I!
*jumps next to GangstaNinja* gotcho back,bro! *looks over and winks at torrey* LETS DO THIS!!!
YES it is I!
Originally posted by Kakashi HatakeWhat do you mean is it really me? of course it is I Kakashi. Well if there was another Kakashi before I. then no it is not the one you are seeking.
I Am a close friend to Amy.
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
i would say one but its offensive to mexicans...
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you know it!
King AJ's Castle
hhahaha u said STRIPS.and that is incredibly offensive...ill change my name to strips then:)
Live Preview: New video player (+5 points)
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...tru dat.u cannot resist the nuggets!they are legit!
The Diary Of a Zombie Apocalypse
make us!!!!!!!!
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oh.......................I DO THOUGH
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so...and u dont?!
King AJ's Castle
nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!not torrey!
that was my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JKJKJKJKJK
MW3 or Battlefield 3??!!
MW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all the way!!!!!!
u got xbox?
Obama Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs up and smashes board*LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!