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"Dude, IT IS METALLICA. My fave is: And Justice for All."........TK
chuck noris or jacie chan
"Niether one of them can stop a bullet."........TK
Star Craft II
"Battles, Missions, Blood, possible death; And u also get a choice of Aliens or Human teams? Sounds like some good times!.........TK
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
"I'm fairly new here, but I like the setup of this site. I know you put a lot of thought and time into the making of this awesome (community). Keep up the great work, and I bet the surprises u mentioned are going to be super cool. Way to go."........TK
Favorite video game (any system)
"Painkiller"; It's a bad **** zombie shooter for your PC."........TK