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Who is the BEST Celebretiy that you know?
Awesome ppl
Name different ways to die.
Name different ways to die.
Originally posted by |FBG$| RwhiteAnyone else seeing the resemblance in this to another forum?
It is has some resemblance but don't post this trash .
Name different ways to die.

Name random and epic ways to die.
(devious laughter). You also have to say EPIC DEATH after every death you name.

Example Gamer.1) Throw yourself off a cliff.EPIC DEATH
Example Gamer.1) Get sniped in the face.EPIC DEATH

Have fun :P.
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They are gonna invade us grab some ray guns. *Hnads ppl pistols*
Who is the BEST Celebretiy that you know?
Originally posted by FoxCharles Kays. :3
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Oh crap really lemme help.
who is your fav singer?
Mine is 1D.
Important Hipster Question..Any Answers..Please Give.
10,000 gamers
45 gamers lol.
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I'm Leaving
When's ur birthday???
My birthday is June, 12.
Important Hipster Question..Any Answers..Please Give.
Welcome to Gamesbtler forums. I think you would rather need a guide for that and btw hipsters are pussys.
Originally posted by (;EPiC;) prplandblkCheck out my forum Secrets: Two Can Keep a Secret, If One of Them is Dead
Absolutely correct :P.
Funny Kitty Picz LOLZ
These are lol cat pic fails.
Funny Kitty Picz LOLZ
Originally posted by (;EPiC;) prplandblkOMG!!!!~ LOLZ

What are you listening to now
Gangnam Style- by PSY
Pancakes vs. Waffles
Pancakes are way better dan waffles.
Cool Lol.
Why did you love gamesbutler?
Its awesome ^.^
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Calls in a Tactical NUKE. MY HILL
Slenderman "Gimme 20 Dolas Style"
If you wanna see some game play click this link Enjoy!

Slenderman "Gimme 20 Dolas Style"
Its a version of Slender man where its daytime and when he gets close a song plays that says gimme 20 dollars. If you wanna watch some gameplay of this mode click this link.

Black Ops 2
Halo 4 looks cool and if you've seen the vids and campiagns plays on youtube it totally beats black ops 2. But i rate them about the same.
I love ponies
Lol im a brony ^.^
Lol join what?
Originally posted by Domyou can download it here: happy gaming ^_^

lol it scared the crap outta me C:
Lol have you guys played gime 20$ version of slender it is freaky as crap but it is in daylight but when he cmes close to you a song plays that says 'Gimme 20 Dollas' its so scary.