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I won't be playing happy wheels for a while bros, the servers are keeping me from playing.
I'm New Bros.
Good point.whats weird is that everybody thinks i impost stephano
What's with this world?
I'm New Bros.
it's ok.it takes a while for anyone to finally realize.
but it's not like i like people who be a imposter of me.
I'm New Bros.
thanks bros.
At least you arent barrels.
I'm New Bros.
I just started,dont even know why.I got an email about a year ago to do this
but i didnt listen until like,yesterday.So cool yourself bro.
Rate the avatar above you
28 levels?i gonna rate 28/28.
And what the hell happened to slender,and bros,andidontevenknowwhattheforget.
Who's Karmacharger110?forgeted up name though.
I'm New Bros.
How's it going bros