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While you wait for chat, here is a picture of my turtles
My chat is not showing up.rn
King AJ's Castle
actually I am a Brony but since so many people are sexist about the whole gender thing that the females had to make pegasister for themselves so that we can be fans of My little Pony. That's how we see it down here.
What's your favorite kid show?
Mine is My Little Pony
King AJ's Castle
I think its time you make a new forum. There's no end to this forum. It's driving my nuts.
Chat returns
Every time I click on chat now on my mobile phone it navigates me to a blank page
Bronies and pegasister's
I been a pegasister for about four years now.
Bronies and pegasister's
Awesome. How long have you been a brony?
Bronies and pegasister's
I'm looking for people to talk too that is a brony or a pegasister