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This is slightly off the thread topic, but has anyone else gotten a browser message that this website has been reported unsafe? =/ (obviously, I disobeyed XD)
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
um, Peter? I think you forgot there are some girls on this site who would NOT enjoy a wet t-shirt contest, thank you XP
I love the retro Sonic games, like on Sega Genesis. I'm also addicted to Doodieman at the moment >:D

hmmm.....we should have the party Peter suggested minus the t-shirt contest XP *slaps anyone who agreed*
Weekly Bonus Points: June 6th - 13th
1. Like/dislike
2. Sure. Why not?
3. Mhm.
Random Trivia
the elbow thing wasn't actually a real fact's just a stupid way to get girls else wanna spell it out for carnage and the others? XD
Weekly Bonus Points: May 23rd - May 30th
We really need more ways to chat. And the profile comment system could use some tweaking. A way to comment on posts, as previously mentioned, would help a lot. More highscore games would be amazing :D Other than that, I absolutely love the site! Another idea, by the way: what about having some extra rewards system on the site? Like for playing 100 games, getting so many first place highscores, and other achievements. Just an idea :) As rewards, you could have extra features for your profile, extra-secret games, etc.
Storytime! :D
you guys are so ADD :P And obsessed with death, barf, and poop XP
Storytime! :D
Then he met a...
Weekly Bonus Points: May 2nd - May 9th
1.Nah. I check here pretty often, so I don't need them.
2.high score, privacy settings, and more personal info, maybe.
3.Sounds great :)
5.Purple :D
Storytime! :D
woah woah woah! We let too many guys into this one :P it's all about death, demons, ketchup, barf, and fruit loops XP starting over now!!! And let's be a bit more creative with our subject matter, please. ahem.

Once upon a time...
Weekly Bonus Points: April 18th - 25th
OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!! Just tried the hard Thanks for the tip and I absolutely love the new format! The icons are so cute :D And a forums tab would be amazing. By the way, going off of Sofia's suggestion, what about tagging forum topics? To make it easier to search, I mean. Like tagging whatever the forum topic may be about, relate to, etc. I love all the progress on the site!
Weekly Bonus Points: April 18th - 25th
I don't see the new header :( Otherwise, I'd tell you something nice about it....
I'll be MIA From April 4th - 9th
NO WE CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISSSSS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets down on my knees and cries* COME BAAAAAAAAAACK, DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (what? he should feel needed when he returns :P)
Random Trivia
*slaps brent in the face, walks back to the forum* Spam tastes quite similar to human flesh :D
Random Trivia
um, yeah :P
it's humanly impossible to lick your own elbow :D
ty :D
Storytime! :D
and then a cat
Weekly Bonus Points: March 28th - April 4th
1. Maaaybe :P
2. girlie things like Platinum Weddings or ER shows.
3. home
4. flash :)
5. the variety of games, the fact that you actually get them in every day (pretty rare among game sites) and player levels :D
Storytime! :D
(cough they have to connect into a story...)
and then I barfed.
Storytime! :D
Alright, you're allowed four words each to help create a story. You can post multiple times, but not twice in a row. Let's start!
Once upon a time....
news section
um, Tom? If you have a double-the-average IQ, why did you misspell a 3 letter word? :P
Old Games now With High Scores
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Dom! :D
Weekly Bonus Points: March 14th - 21st
Oh, and adding a tab for the forums would be veeery helpful!
this one's a limerick my dad has tortured me with:
There once was a man from Iran
Whose poetry no one could scan.
When asked how he did it,
He simply replied:
How to get points easier!
yeah! bounties on really good 1st place highscores would be awesome! *off to go put that in the ideas topic* XD lol just kidding. I'll leave that to you, Bruno.
Weekly Bonus Points: March 14th - 21st
More features on our profiles, maybe? More info to fill out, privacy settigns, customizable fonts? thanks for listening :)
How to get points easier!
Talk nice to Dom. After all, he's the Point Master. lol
Home Page Ideas
you should make it purple! :D lol other than that, I think a live chat or something of the like would be great once the forum is up and running :) maybe an on-site chat room?