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why date when all the other person wants to do is hang out with his/her ex
and Charles yeah it was kinky;) lol...and the video is awesome and was on my phone but it got ran over
talking fourm
omg STALKERRR...and the bar thingi will to protect me from a rapist, hit him in the nadss
i love Xero
okay i wanna set some ppl straight what i do with guys is none of ur business so stfu?got it
haha things happen so quick....
anyone agree with Bieber, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Cascada, and Avril Lavigne????and moreeee 3OH!3 is the bomb
3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha My First Kiss
me and my friend were in this mall in chicago right after going to "The Ready Set"'s last performance for their tour and we were at the mall and Malachi said:hey look it's Jordan W.*the lead singer* and we talked to him for like 20minutes it was awesome
i know u guys prolly know this song: Love Like Woe
he sings it
what .AJ said
I love xero
omg someone has been hacking my account seriously i would never put that omg omg omg i was grounded then anyway
i love Xero
f-u ppl me and xero hate each other and if u haven't checked a slut is asomeone who sleeps with every guy they know i havent slept with anyy
haha some ppl like online relationships let them b...but i agree with DarkBubble and Charles
u can too hum u just gotta open ur mouth that sounds WRONGGG
u can too hum u just gotta open ur mouth that sounds WRONGGG
wats the best movie this year
Justin Bieber Never Say Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
talking fourm
and i aint the weirdooooooo im the creepy justin bieber stalker person! so get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im eating a orange...not the colour the fruit
What do you mean with UNLIMITED AMMO???
shooting games are like da bomb!!!!!!!!!u getta kill ppl!i love 'Left 4 dead
What Would YOU Do?
1my bestie so he could die with me
3AK47 w/ ammo
4shotgun w/ ammo
6cell phone w/ minutes/texting
WBP March 5th - 13th +10 points
i like this better it's kinda like facebook so I 'm used to it
WBP Feb 20 - Feb 27 +10 Points
1.shooting games
2.idk haven't gone on it on my cell
help hospitals
nice word charles hmmm....
talking fourm
um...wow Peter and warfreak one sec i will be back *hides in closet clinging to the bar thingy for dear life*NEVVEEEERRR will i be back...da.mnit i am back:) weirdoooooooooooossss
which is better cellphone or computer
haha charles *shakes head*R U HYPER?! haha i am...alwaySSSSSSS
which is better cellphone or computer
Computer i like cannot live without facebook like u can get internet on ur phone but...
is this our last year alive
2012 like the song or the movie haha im a dumb blonde:)but if the world does end like that i owe my cousin(awesomeguy)$25:(ut-oh but the world ain't gonna end...yet
and the world's suppose to end in like may of this year....me and mah friend heard it on the radio when i was staying the night at his house
what is.....
nope justin bieber?duh haha
haha its a jerk that i dated and he also is lying about his age he's only...*snickers*11!
Justin Bieber...rules...sucks
yup:0 i put tht
Justin Bieber...rules...sucks
ok ya ya justin bieber...of course i am making a forum about him?haha comment then!!!
IM LAZYYY like Peter The Pimp:) jkjkjk not tht way ewwwwwwwwwwwww
im bored and ppl comment and i'll spare ur live?ikkk
if you had a best friend here who would it be
peter ur a jerk:) see ppl talk crap about u jkjkjkjk
Hey well it's like really late to put this
yup ur welcome Charles!!!!!!!!!!!but i LOVE love Justin Drew Bieber
ya stipid...i know who ur talking about about the 3inch throat thing
i love what charles said it's so true i mean so what if they reject u...u will be rejected sooner or later and they are stupid cuz afterward the guys a di.ck to u...:(very true Xero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on the urban dictionary briana means: the most awesome person ever who doesn't haveto wear make-up and will literally fu.ck u up if u do as much as try to push her down the bleachers.they are the best people ever...yay!mines da best
charles:the se.xiest thing on the freaking earth.the fu.cking hottest person in the world
what is.....
what is ga.y 5ft 4in and has a chick's hair?u'll guess it ezzzzaaaaayyyyyyy
Wat would u do if Gamesbutler wasnt a website
FACEBOOK?hack my cousins facebook alottttttttt um be more social with ppl...text ppl...hmmmmm?
why date when all the other person wants to do is hang out with his/her ex
eminem?!awesome name thanks fo' commenting ppl but ya i typed with one hand it did take me like forever thanks for caring:)love yall:)but the ex now hates me and i'm glad because he's a playa' and my cousin stuck up for me and well my parents were really mad because they were like best friends with his parents and now my life is pretty screwed up i am doing a lot better again thanks for caring:)
Hey well it's like really late to put this
ok no one put no ho.mo because we all know what ya mean and well i guess he's awesome and so is charles and metropal and well ppl are AWESOME!!!!
1000 Gamers
639 gamer
Hey well it's like really late to put this
well Peter Miranda told me to make a forum about how much ppl hate or love him no ho.mo but well comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like peter but not love cuz thats what u feel with ur bf and i don't feel tht with my bf right now and he don't even talk to me so i'm gonan break up with him:( idk if im making the right choice!!!!!!!!!!!!1ugh vote for both:)thnx:)
i love Xero
wat the he.ll?!me and xero have been over since like...november 24...worst day of my life but now im dating someone else....DON"T CALL ME A SL>UT!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha old times lalallalalala lol
dogs or cats you chose ! (and not girls and boys the animals)
like every1 said dawgz or dogs or dogz lol love the spelling ppl and someone ;)
To get points
that was me on my cousins account lol he wanted to get more points so i helped him get 1 point hahahahahaha
I might be leaving
well it's isn't the same as when i joined 2months ago i'm getting harassed by |Random$|Xero's little sister and flame wars whoo wee to many of those also...
Let's clean this place up
um...you could delete the people's account and make it where they can't make a new account:)um how do i report people if we've both blocked each other?
O.K. this is to everyone so..read
okay some games don't give you points and some do well gtg bye have a happy and safe Christmas people!!!
I might die
:'( don't leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
End of the Year Bonus Points (+15 Points)
AWESOME i was new to this site in October of this year but you helped me out on this site!!!!!!:)