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Code Cook
Code Cook 21
74 months ago
Level 1: Swap the only red and green.
Level 2: Same as level 1
Level 3: Swap the box and the ball
Level 4: Swap the greens
Level 5: Swap the green and the red then swap back again quickly
Level 6: Swap the right green block and the top red block then swap the large green and the small green blocks.
Level 7:Swap the circle and the triangle, then the square and the triangle.
Level 8: Swap the top green triangle for the bottom red one then swap back again.
Level 9: Swap the top box for the middle ball, then quickly swap the red ball for the right box.
Level 10: Swap the large red ball for the small red ball, then swap the green ball and the small red ball quickly.
TasosP 45
10 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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