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dom Admin
117 months ago

Top floor:
click on the bread the middle guy is pointing at. the left guy will go and hit him. quickly click on him again. they start fighting.
the man on the right will be drinking now, click the crack on the wall, and click on him. now to end the fight click the shelf behind them.

Bottom floor:
click the number to change it in 02, the guy in line will go to the counter. now click the black onion, the left man will pick it up and call the guy at the counter, now click the melons on top, all die.


Top floor:
click the guy on the far left, he walks to the elevator, next click the volume bar on the left to raise it. once the man goes in the elevator, click the disco ball and quickly click the red guy's head.

Bottom floor:
click the man sitting 3 times.
once the man who was first on the top floor asks the bartender for drink, click the volume bar to raise it, the bartender will go under the speaker, and the other guy will go under the chair.
click the elevator door, to make the drunk guy go there.
now click the chair, it collapses, and finally click the speaker on top of the bartender.


first of all light 6 candles at each window. and one candle on the chandelier.
click the giant cross on the wall to turn it upside down.
now click the guy standing at the holy water until the guy down throws up and falls. and click him, a ghost appears.
click the guy sitting. once the ghost catcher comes, click him.
when the ghost is gone, click the guy that called the catcher, click him again, the window breaks and kills him. click the bench it falls and kills the ghost catcher.
now click the third candle on the second window. next click the guy at the water, and quickly click the chandelier to fall on the priest.
TasosP 45
53 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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