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dom Admin
103 months ago
All answers:
2) Clint Eastwood
3) 2:30
4) A femur
5) click on the empty skip arrow
6) click on ''what'' in the question
7) illegal
8) click ''h'' on your keyboard
9) Blnd Pg
10) count the number of sperm and click on the answer (it's always 7 or 8)
11) 4
12) click on the dots in numerical order (SKIP ARROW: click on the empty dot after the 7th one)
13) corn flakes
14) click on whatever it tells you too (do it quick or you'll lose a life!)
15) the bottom left answer
16) click on the word ''question''
17) press ''C'' on your keyboard
18) The dictionnary
19) A Tin
20) click many times on the cat
21) drag the dot in the question number in between the 2 and the 1....then click on it.
22) a yoglett
23) click the number of bubbles the cat tells you(click on the purple bubble at the far left for a fuse stopper)
24) click on the ''far t'' word in the question
25) seaweed
26) yes
27) wow. the impossible quiz have sure gone downhill
28) drag the body of the delevery boy out and click on his liver.
29) a yoglett
30) press the left and right arrow keys one after the other
31) No U
32) press ''M'' on your keyboard
33) you wrote it with your left hand
34) biased
35) press ''P'' on your keyboard
36) drag the word ''bowel'' out and click on the arrow
37) click rapidly on the red button!!!
38) 25.81
39) people die
40) click on his gentlemen's area
41) wipe their arse
42) mash on as many buttons on your keyboard as you can
43) type ''cast'' on your keyboard
44) move the word "mouse" out of the box but not onto the green dot
45) drag the word ''ground'' and click on the water hole beneath it
46) RANDOM: each letter stands for something. it'll either be the planets, colors of the rainbow, months of the year, etc. just click on the letter of the missing word e.g planets MVEMJSUN: the answer is P for Pluto
47) rub your mouse on the metal antenna really quick!
48) 1
49) RANDOM: you have to click everywhere to get this one. the alien won't be in the same spot every time.
50) click on the machine 3 times!
dom Admin
103 months ago
Random question answers:
Question 14: The choices will be Fork, Pidgeon and Duck I think. You just have to rely on your reflexes and click the right one.

Question 46:

Ok, each of the letters in the question stand for something. E.G

O means One, T means Two, T means Three
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) You have to select T for 10.

J means Janurary, B means Feburary, M means March...
You have to select D, for December

the others are: MVEMJSUN
M means Mercury, V means Venus, E means Earth... (Answer: P for Pluto)

M means Monday, T means Tuesday, W means Wednesday... (Answer: S for Sunday)

T means The, I means Impossible, Q means Quiz... (Answer: B for Book)

R means Red, O means Orange, Y means Yellow. (Answer: V for violet)

The answers to PPPRRRRFFFFF
is "....that's a fart, isn't it?"

Question 49: You have to click everywhere and DO NOT USE TAB! Try to click on all the craters and outside parts. If you can't. use the skip or fusestopper.
TasosP 45
39 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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