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The Incredible Spider-Man
The Incredible Spider-Man 3
96 months ago
Q: Who is Flash Thompson?
A: Peter's High School Bully

Q: Peter Parker works for what newspaper?
A: The Daily Planet

Q: What is Carnage's real name?
A: Cletus Kasady

Q: What word completes this famous Uncle Ben quote: "With great ____, comes great responsibility."

Q:What city does Spider-Man protect?
A:New York

Q: What was the original cause for Spider-Man's powers?
A:A radioactive spider bite.

Q:What is Spider-Man's real name?
A:Peter Parker

Q:How did Sandman get his powers?
A:Exposure to radioactive sand on a nuclear test site.

Q:Eddie Brock is the name of wich villian?

Q:What is the name of Peter Parker's Boss?
A: J. Jonah Jameson
TasosP 45
44 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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