Hanger 2 Walkthrough

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ellis4325 8
86 months ago
when your on higher levels go slow
|Random$| Tille
|Random$| Tille 29
100 months ago
play lvl 9 slow
lens delva
lens delva 15
86 months ago
i need help for level 9
dinosaur100 1
85 months ago
if you hit something you will lost parts
crazeygirley 3
80 months ago
try not to use to many ropes because it brings your score down. & also take your time & go up and down.
CharliE 17
70 months ago
please play game slow so you can go to the final level
TasosP 45
32 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
bodge 4
91 months ago
go fast

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