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jawbonesome 8
100 months ago
With an automatic weopon jump up and down so most of the bullets can hit you enemy. In the Gun game don't let the enemy knock you off.Use your bullets wisely.Knock him at the bottom mostly. In Seeeing Double use a little bit of ammo for the ghost and then take out the Pylon Man. In dynamtie dodge shoot at the master one time then head to a tower.Don't let him get guns or power ups.use powerful guns or fast survive a bomb jump and go against if the bomb explodes on your left jump and go against it on your left same thing for right hand explosion.Don't use grenades with him it doesn't work. In double team the mafia people have gun spawn so if the get a gun they stick with it even if they die.Get powerful fast shooting guns or a sniper and take them out by jumping up and down. In Unfair Advantage the rabbit has a jet pack.Snipers get the job done quickly.If you manage to shoot him off get to a platform where he is going and before he lands shoot him. In One Hit One Kill you got the most powerful gun in the game other than a minigun.Jump go down do anything to dodge those laser.when you kill him and he drops down shoot him make sure he is not near you.Get the extra ammo perk too! In the Ghost use gun spawn shoot left or right to find him then when you find him shoot him off! In Minih=gun Maniac you need a shotgun or snipers or machine guns.stay in the middle platform stay in the middle of him so he can't shoot you when he goes away shoot him quicky then get away from the bullets he lets out. AND THATS MY HELP FOR GUN MAYHEM!
TasosP 45
30 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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