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dom Admin
106 months ago
You only get 10 points per yummy, so don't risk your life trying to get one
dom Admin
102 months ago
Type the codes in the menu:
FunkyFace: Modifies the bottom-screen text notifications in game
OmNomNomable: Changes "Nyans" to "Noms" in gameplay
VertigoKitty: Flips the galaxy upside-down
ColdWintersDay: Makes Nyan Cat move slowly from lane to lane
DownInFront: Moves Nyan Cat far up the screen
SnookiesCookies: Changes the word "cookies" to "Snookies" in the text notifications
ReverseEngineering: Reverses the galaxy horizontally, and inverts the rainbow trail
TastingTheRainbow: Reverses Nyan Cat
NyanCatMarch: Replaces bottom-screen text notifications with a parade of Nyan Cats
UseYourWhiskers: Disables the HUD
Leprechaunitis: Disables Nyan Cat's rainbow
CatBreadForTheWin: Replaces all yummies with Cat Bread!
InvisibilityCloak: Makes Nyan Cat completely invisible

BlackAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely black
WhiteAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely white
DreamsComeTrue: Makes Nyan Cat flash rainbow colors
SummerNyan: Turns Nyan Cat into a watermelon
ChocoKittyTart: Makes a Chocolate Pop-Tart Themed Nyan Cat
YouLookLikeAPopTart: Makes Nyan Cat white, pink and purple
NyanOLantern: Makes Nyan Cat Hallowe'en-Themed
NyanFisher: Makes Nyan Cat stealth themed (a la Sam Fisher)
GGGGhostNyan: Makes Nyan Cat transparent
NyanTheDarkLord: Makes Nyan Cat black and glow red. Red glow is retained after reloading the game, black is not.
NyanStamp: Embosses Nyan Cat
ForgotMyGlasses: Makes Nyan Cat blurry and nearly invisible
DivideByZero: Makes Nyan Cat invert the color of whatever is behind it
TasosP 45
32 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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