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dom Admin
111 months ago
1. Start with Boss
Note sign with the numbers 527. Get gas can, shovel, tin foil, tractor keys, and 4/17 butts.

2. Sam's page
Get Salt, Note, Credit card, and small key. Use code 527 on refrigerator and get eggplant. Get 8/17 butts.

3. Wife's page
Give the wife the egg plant. Get saltpeter from cows mouth. Use keys on tractor and fill gas can. Get glass and hammer. Use
shovel on field. Get 12/17 butts.

4. Henry's page
Get fry pan, ladder, locked box. Use small key on locked box and get carrot seed. Get 17/17 butts.

5. Back to Boss
Use hammer on coffin. Get bone and skull. Go to wife's page. Use carrot seed in field. Use ladder on tree and get orange. Click on the plane. Enter credit card number. Get carrot.

6. Back to kids page
Put glass on juicer and use orange on juicer. Get orange juice. Combine foil with fry pan. Combine saltpeter with orange juice. Combine mixture with foiled pan. Use salt in foiled pan. (Smoke) Use gas can on burner. Cook mixture in foiled pan. Get nitro. Go back to the Boss's page. Use nitro on garage door and get a banana. Go back to Henry's page.

7. Henry's page finish
Put skull on snowman. Give dog a bone, rabbit a carrot, monkey the banana, and away you go!
TasosP 45
36 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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