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dom Admin
102 months ago
Step 1: Turn Right and grab the battery from the middle drawer.

Step 2: Turn Right and click on the right side of the box on the table.

Step 3: Insert the Battery (Click on the battery to activate it than again on the box).

Step 4: Click the machine and grab the screwdriver.

Step 5: Turn Right two twice and click the speck (key) on the upper right side of the yellow pillow.

Step 6: 6. Turn right twice and get the foil that is lying on the ground than Turn Right twice and use the screw driver to remove the metal box.

Step 7: Use the Key on the box to get the blunt knife.

Step 8: Sharpen the knife with the foil.

Step 9: Use the sharpened knife on the green book on the bottom of the center of the book case to receive the tweezers

Step 10: Turn right twice and click on the red eye on the picture frame.

Step 11: Use the tweezers on the red eye to extract it.

Step 12: Click just to the right of the top of the left leg on the table. (Just click around until you see the tape).

Step 13: Take the tape.

Step 14: Turn left and use the tape to mend the wires.

Step 15: Turn left 3 times and click the metal box.

Step 16: Click the master key and turn right 1 time.

Step 17: Use the master key on the door to escape!

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