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Paradox 32
114 months ago
I suggest using guns and items that have fast hits, not greater damage. Speed is key within this game.
Epic $miley
Epic $miley 18
111 months ago
the boomstick is a fast firing gun with alot of damage.I recomend to take it to battle alot.
ipman123 9
114 months ago
Always bring a range and melee weapon before you go to a battle.
--- 34
96 months ago
A good item combo is an amulet and idol combo where one has a luck percentage and the other has another percentage, such as attack, defense, or health. This will allow you to pick up powerups and junk items to sell while still maintaining a constant bonus. Also, it is key to have quicker weapons, not stronger. Lastly, take advantage of the Swarm bonus levels. If you have the defense, you can use the constant spawning to your advantage.
lens delva
lens delva 15
92 months ago
TasosP 45
39 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
ipman123 9
114 months ago
To dodge the bullets of the Doom tank just keep turning around it.
aterron|FBG$| 20
110 months ago
only play with mouse and arrows

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