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Paradox 32
144 months ago
I suggest using the theif. He is really fast and he can double jump. He can also teleport if needed.
--- 34
144 months ago
I suggest the ranger because it has a relic that lets it shoot through cages to get past unwanted hero releases and also for some extra loot, plus the ranger may double jump and, unlike the thief, if you equip the Raven Wing relic you get unlimited double jumps
137 months ago
I SUGGEST PALADIN BECAUSE he destroys blocks down so hes the best and have strong agilty
helloperson 35
144 months ago
the theif is nice because he can double jump
Randy 35
144 months ago
the theif if u press space he can escape and he can also double jump
normaloldweir do 17
144 months ago
i prefer using the knight with chain mail armor or the ranger with wings
TasosP 45
69 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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