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dom Admin
160 months ago
Ditloid Answers:
2 peas in a pod
4 quarts in a gallon
7 days in a week
7 dwarves in snow white
7 colors of the rainbow
8 tentacles on an octopus
8 sides on a stop sign
9 reindeers in santa's sleigh
9 innings in a baseball game
10 years in a decade
12 signs of the zodiac
13 is a baker's dozen
18 holes on a golf course
21 gun salute
24 hours in a day
26 letters in the alphabet
29 days in february in a leap year
52 cards in a deck
57 Heinz varieties
64 squares on a chessboard
88 keys on a piano
90 degrees in a right angle
200 dollars for passing go in monopoly
366 days in a leap year
1000 = words that a picture is worth
dom Admin
160 months ago
Ditloid Answers:
2 blank tiles in scrabble
2 pope john pauls
3 witches in macbeth
5 oceans of the world
5 lines in a limerick
5 tires on a car (including the spare)
6 feet in a fathom
6 pockets in a pool table
7 pillars of wisdom
9 symphonies by beethoven
9 months for pregnancy in humans
10 provinces in canada
12 labors of hercules
14 days in a fortnight
16 moons of jupiter
17 syllables in a haiku
21 dots on a die
40 days in lent
46 chromosomes in a human cell
54 squares on a rubiks cube
66 books in the bible
127 steps to the blarney stone
206 bones in the human body
500 miles in the indianapolis five hundred
20000 leagues under the sea
dom Admin
160 months ago
Ditloid Answers:
0 = latitudinal degrees at the equator
1 side on a moebius strip
1 cell in an amoeba
1 ring to rule them all
2 heads on a pushmi-pullyu
3 bones in the human ear
3 gorgons (medusa, stheno, and euryale)
4 i's in mississippi
4 leaves on a lucky clover
5 = specific gravity of radium
7 events in a heptathlon
7 seas of sinbad the sailor
7 husbands of elizabeth taylor
8 kings henrys of england
8 pints of blood in an average adult
8 bits in a byte
12 apostles at the last supper
12 = hurricane on the beaufort scale
15 minutes of fame
15 = first point in tennis
16 pawns in chess
17 pink squares on a scrabble board
18 inches in a cubit
18.5 minutes erased from the watergate tapes
20 quires in a ream
20 magnum in a melchizedek
20 years slept by rip van winkle
21 shillings in a guinea
24 days in advent
28 dominoes in a set
32 permanent teeth in an adult
32 = odille's fouettes in swan lake
40 years in the desert for the israelites
60 minim in a fluidram
76 trombones in the big parade
78 cards in a tarot pack
80 days to go around the world
80 chains in a mile
87 = four score and seven years
88 days for mercury to orbit the sun
102 floors in the empire state building
200 milligrams in a carat
300 bees in the tomb of childeric
392 points for caziques in scrabble
432 pints in a hogshead
969 years lived by methuselah
1064 = temperature in fahrenheit at which gold fuses
1428 minutes in a lunar day
6651 = length of the nile river in kilometers
40077 = equatorial circumference of earth in kilometers

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