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Grand Imperator Wynter
Grand Imperator Wynter 40
101 months ago
practise ur skill on battle mode
Ch0wder 22
101 months ago
Dont touch the fire pad because, it makes you not stop moving.
If your ready for it try but, i suggest not taking the risk if your above a highscore
helloperson 35
101 months ago
try not to touch fir pad and kll the crabs and try staying on pads going up
|Random$| swim126
|Random$| swim126 25
101 months ago
Mash the kick button whenever you are near a crab.
DGK$345($$$) 9
101 months ago
ceep youre eyes peald and time the jumps right
DGK$345($$$) 9
101 months ago
really awesome and + you nedd tomove alot jump to diferent stics
azm7 2
101 months ago
i suggest not to stand on fir pad for beginners and dont ride away on side way moving pads you might get smashed
Code Cook
Code Cook 21
88 months ago
Dont stop on the same pad for long.
Dan 27
100 months ago
always try to predict where the pad will be by the time you fall
tonti4905 2
84 months ago
dont stay on one floor or then another floor crush you down
Tyson15 8
80 months ago
the cracked platforms break after like 5 seconds try to avoid the and go on solid platforms unless its "have to" type thing
Hamaad Siddiqui
Hamaad Siddiqui 4
78 months ago
click <- and -> fast one by one
Hamaad Siddiqui
Hamaad Siddiqui 4
78 months ago
prees p to pause
Sanchit 2
61 months ago
This is single and multi player game. In the single player you need to score as much as you can. In the multiplayer you need to keep jumping from one platform to another until the other player falls. Press P to pause the game.
Dabus 4
60 months ago
stay on the platform as long as you can choose survival or battle more help in how to play
TasosP 45
26 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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