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bruno21 22
104 months ago
if the enemy's 'giants' are giving you trouble then take control of a stick soldier and attack the giant from behind and when he turns you do so also
Pizzaboy107 6
104 months ago
When u get the speartons use them the whole time after u get them and u will win
$H3R3.TO.WIN$ 20
104 months ago
use the speartons
Paradox 32
104 months ago
I find it easist to use manual and be a character, so you have more control over all situations/
Tristan 25
95 months ago
Buy 'speed' before anything else. This makes to where you fall behind when you attacking the enemies towers.
Tristan 25
95 months ago
*don't fall behind.

Sorry Dom!!
TasosP 45
29 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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