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$uper ^_^|MEGA ^_^|$mile
$uper ^_^|MEGA ^_^|$mile 21
120 months ago
Music Catch 2 is a wonderfully made catch-the-objects game that moves to the sound of music. You start out with only the basic options and can unlock many more as you score enough points. There are basically 4 types of notes in this game. The normal notes, the purple notes, the yellow notes, and the red notes. You want to catch the normal notes(for points), the yellow ones(for multiplier effect) and the purple notes(for power effect). Avoid the red ones as they will make you lose your multiplier. While its ok just to wiggle the mouse around and catch as much as possible, its best just to focus on the special notes.
Basically, you need to concentrate on the yellow notes whenever they come out and watch out for red notes as sometimes they are close to the yellow notes. Always watch carefully. It takes a while for notes to fade away so don’t rush yourself. Catch every yellow note possible as the multiplier effect will skyrocket your score. Always be on the lookout for purple notes. Their power will suck all notes in towards your cursor and thus, they should be a top priority. Red notes take down your multiplier by a certain degree so be sure to avoid them. They come out more and more often as the song progresses so watch out. Overall, this is a nice and relaxing game to play in your spare time.
Paradox 32
120 months ago
Stay near where all the music comes out. Also collect the random green ones. I think they might help.
TasosP 45
44 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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