Roll A Troll

Roll A Troll

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Roll A Troll Game

(Rating: 2.7)Rating saved

Roll all of the pesky trolls off of the screen!

How to Play:
Mouse to interact

Sponsored by: Lagged.com

Tags: physics · mouse · troll · rolling

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TasosP 45
70 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
Devourer 38
117 months ago
Rolling all of the pesky trolls off of the screen :)
lilbit005 1
121 months ago
sup add me
kaylan 2
122 months ago
this game sucks u cant get pass lv 3 hack
Vicky 8
127 months ago
Didn't work for me -_-
Python (;HARDIAC;)
Python (;HARDIAC;) 8
128 months ago
lv 20 is crazy confusion
-_BR0LY_- 17
129 months ago
ya i watched the walkthough and i saw that you can beat level 3, but it is glitched for me. the smily face on the bottom will not roll to the right. fail game
Matt-James-10 1 20
130 months ago
for any one having trouble with level three, when you get to level three go down to the bottom right of the screen and click on level select and click on level two once wfinishing that level again click on next level and it should work:))
deathontwoleg s 14
130 months ago
im at level 16 no problem
its too easy
dom Admin
130 months ago
level 3 is beatable, click 'game help' to view the walkthrough ^_^