The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1

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The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

The impossible quiz returns! Are you smart enough to complete the quiz?

How to Play:
Select the correct answer based on the hint

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dom Admin
144 months ago
Click the 'game help' tab above to view all of the answers in text form
axel=jeffrey 2
134 months ago
16)click on the word 'qustion'
17)press 'c' on your keybored
18)the dictonary
19)a tin
20)click many times on that cat
21)click the dot the on in the top left drag it bettween 2 and 1 and then click the dot
22) a yoglett
23)click on the purple bubble then click on that animal
24)click on the word far t in the qustion
27)wow. the immposible quiz has sure gone downhill!
28)click the delivery boy out and click on his liver
29)a yoglett
30)clcik the arrow keys on your keyboerd right and left one by the other
31)no U
32)press 'm' on your keyboerd
33)you wrote with your left hand
35)press 'p' on your keyboerd its just gross
36)drag the word blowl out and click on the arrow
37)click on the red button rapidly
39)people die
40)click on the gentlman area
41)wipe their ARSE
42)click any bottons
43)type cast on your keyboerd
44)move the word mouse out of the box but not into the green dot
45)drag the word ground and click on the water hole beaneth it
46)each letter stands for something p is for pluto
47)rub your mouse on the metel antenna really quick
49)you got to click everywhere for this one the alien does not stay where it was
50)click on the machine 3 times. plzz give this a thumbs up i worked hard on it :D thankx thumps up :D
Random_Chik12 2
138 months ago
ugh #8 is hard!!! (_8(|) <- Homer Simpson


TasosP 45
80 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
KBooCuti 2
123 months ago
ok thx axel
jareklipski 0
124 months ago
what do you call a female lemur
Jordan~ 32
127 months ago
I still like the original better, I think.
LSP78 2
130 months ago
I think it;s frickin epic.
kain 1
133 months ago
how do u do lvl 5
Ashukharat 1
133 months ago
Do not say impossible becoz the word impossible itsef say's i m possible:-)
young M :|akatsuki|:
young M :|akatsuki|: 9
134 months ago
crap this game
Lauren <3
Lauren <3 2
134 months ago
Thank dom
MillyMoo 2
134 months ago
wait nvm :P