Papa's Taco Mia!

Papa's Taco Mia!

(Rating: 4.3)Rating saved

Papa's Taco Mia! Game

(Rating: 4.3)Rating saved

You've conquered the pizza and burger business. Now it's time to sell tacos!

How to Play:
Mouse to interact. Follow in game instructions for more.

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Tags: cooking · sim

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:) :) :) joe :) :) :)
:) :) :) joe :) :) :) 7
138 months ago
thumbs up if you played papas burgaruia or pizzariea
|Random$| Tille
|Random$| Tille 29
138 months ago
another one in the papa series :D
ladiesman 3
137 months ago
i freaking love this game!!


TasosP 45
66 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
Awesomeness20 05 2
85 months ago
why did you post this it does not even go with the other game comments
95 months ago
who likes tacozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
aqva queen
aqva queen 8
99 months ago
thumbs up lovely gb rocksssssss
scrillex 5
105 months ago
cool game
sam ava johnson
sam ava johnson 6
110 months ago
wow cool game.
cupcakelove 2
115 months ago
i love these game seris
Princess Bloom
Princess Bloom 2
117 months ago
i like this game.........
Ah Box
Ah Box 12
118 months ago
So awesome :D
epicgamer100 6
119 months ago
thumbs up if its a GOOD GAME.