Rolling Fall

Rolling Fall

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Rolling Fall Game

(Rating: 4.2)Rating saved

Cut the chains just at the right time to knock over all of the zombies.

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Tags: physics · halloween · zombie

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swaggin-since 96 33
112 months ago
i like it, but its a bit challenging


TasosP 45
33 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
matas 2
81 months ago
cool right
rakan8822 2
82 months ago
Cool i love 1 and 2 and 3
Ah Box
Ah Box 12
85 months ago
Really fun c:
Teh Nevuh
Teh Nevuh 6
90 months ago
Awesome :DD
carlos HES THAT WAY <.<
carlos HES THAT WAY <.< 9
93 months ago
easy on 1 10s but when ya get to the twentys is challenging
loulou 2
97 months ago
dont matter done it
loulou 2
97 months ago
does anyone know how to do level 24?
[:dark side:]Dylan14
[:dark side:]Dylan14 9
97 months ago
it is a bit hard couldnt get past level 13
irason11 6
98 months ago
love it kindA HARD