Pixel Grower

Pixel Grower

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Pixel Grower Game

(Rating: 3.4)Rating saved

Stack the pixels up to the sky. After level 4 this game gets crazy.

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Tags: stacking · pixel · tetris

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TasosP 45
69 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
Chrishappy 10
126 months ago
level 1 (easy as pie... =P)
level 2 (still easy)
level 3 (same time)
level 4 (O.O)
level 5 I have not got there yet 83
Tree Octopus
Tree Octopus 4
135 months ago
well i did..

Tree Octopus
Tree Octopus 4
136 months ago
Can't pass stage 5!! D:<
alphabutt 15
137 months ago
--- 34
141 months ago
Whoever has gotten past level 4 is either lucky or a hacker.
Dr.Pepper 19
146 months ago
only as pointless as all the other online games. doesnt mean its boring. 10/10
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B 35
148 months ago
MInt Game
dom Admin
149 months ago
super fun!
swaggin-since 96 33
149 months ago
this game is really good, especially with the music