Volcano Idols

Volcano Idols

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Volcano Idols Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

Grapple hook your way to the Idols, find all the coins and don't forget your hat! 27 levels and 135 coins, can you find them all? Make sure to keep your hat as you collect all of the idols. Users can even create levels!

Make sure to download the mobile version! Free on iOS and Android.

How to Play:
Click to use your grapple. Pull down to increase length or pull up to decrease length. You can get hit twice; try catching the hat to earn another extra hit.

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Tags: indiana jones · grapple · quest

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king 3
76 months ago
That's So Mario!
That's So Mario! 27
94 months ago
Lots of fun!
dom Admin
94 months ago
Make sure to download the free mobile version!