Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y

(Rating: 4.7)Rating saved

Pokemon X and Y Game

(Rating: 4.7)Rating saved

Emulated online version of the classic Pokemon X and Y game. Go find some new and exciting Pokemon on your quest to be one of the greatest trainers of all time. Adventure the lands, catch new creatures and make friends along the way.

How to Play:
Arrow keys, Z key for action. Enter to start

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Tags: pokemon · emulated pokemon · pixel

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Arcanine 2
27 months ago
very good game
warriorsXD 2
25 months ago
for those who are having issues with loading try refreshing and if it's gray hover over it. it might say click to play game


cristalgamer2 1 2
1 month ago
dude do you have add blocker? instal it and you will have no prob whit adds :)
avary007 1
9 months ago
cool game
tankergx47 9
13 months ago
more like mega cool game
johnny^-^ 2
13 months ago
what happens if it says battery is
jerelw 1
14 months ago
to many adds fix this pls
PokeGirlForLi fe9799 2
15 months ago
what do you do if it says the internet has run dry this game can be played
king 3
15 months ago
not baddd
PokeManTamer0 01 2
15 months ago
it said it saved then i reloaded the page and it said to start a new game. why?
CronzYTPlayz 2
17 months ago
What do u do after it says The internal battery has run dry This game an be played?
CronzYTPlayz 2
17 months ago
Fuck this shit amount