Santa Climb Here

Santa Climb Here

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Santa Climb Here Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

How high can you help Santa climb in this distance style jumping game from 8iz? Collect rockets, jump on springs as you climb towards your goal without falling off the edges.

How to Play:
Mouse to move

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Tags: santa · christmas · jumping · 8iz

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Snax111 18
97 months ago
Kind of fun but unfortunately its not really possible to beat. Once you get to around the middle it becomes physically impossible to get much farther, and you could never get to the end. Its not even a matter of luck or skill, it just can't be done due to the speed of the moving platforms, their size, and the amount of one-hit death obstacles. So its basically just a high score game with no end. They shouldn't have put the reindeer at the top though because it makes it look like it has an ending.