Tricky Truck Champ

Tricky Truck Champ

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Tricky Truck Champ Game

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Tricky Truck Champ Racing game online, another deadly racing game is out. Ride your truck along the deadly terrain tracks. Finish the game as soon as possible because your are hunted with timer. Complete the levels before the timer completes with out crashing your bike. Race all the levels to have more fun. Tricky Truck Champ game online is filled with full of fun and enthusiasm. Terrains are filled with full of deadly curves control your bike according the track, Nitro helps you to go faster with your truck, you can reach in time. Overcome difficult terrains, compete against time , plus many more challenges await you in Tricky Truck Champ.Check the right spot and use nitro were you can beat the time and reach the end of the level in time. Be aware crashing losses you the level.

How to Play:
Arrow keys to move, N for Nitro

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