Pokemon STAR Heroes

Pokemon STAR Heroes

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Pokemon STAR Heroes Game

(Rating: 3.0)Rating saved

A flash remake version of pokemon that focuses on the idea of what if Pokemon was an action RPG. Play the action packed version of your favorite game Pokemon! Fight different monsters from the franchise.

How to Play:
Arrow keys move, spacebar to interact. A,S,D,F for items. Z key to jump.

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Tags: pokemon · role playing · advenutre

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Tayden 2
54 months ago
it wont let me play it will only let me build a town . . -


ifh2006 2
13 months ago
This game is clickbait. but at the time you have seen this comment you have already clicked the game. I advise you leave the game as fast as possible and join an actually good game.
TasosP 45
18 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
ASH5674 1
22 months ago
This game sucks.
Nelly13 1
33 months ago
Hi im new here.
crews123 1
34 months ago
this game is boring i hated i will not play it for the rest of my life i hope you are happy.
epicsause45 1
34 months ago
Why can't you add a button that lets you play?!?!
skipe28 1
35 months ago
st[[[[[[up '''' id game
spikedogdolli s 1
36 months ago
Does not load
maxw7 2
39 months ago
i lik
maxw7 2
39 months ago
i no i do not no what to do