Emmas Flower Boutique

Emmas Flower Boutique

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

Emmas Flower Boutique Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

Emma's dream job was always working in a flower boutique and now her dream is finally realized. She worked hard and her boss was happy and everyone lived in harmony. But one day her boss decided to take a break and go on vacation and hired a replacement to take his place. Emma soon discovered that her new temporary boss is nothing like her real one, because she has a mean attitude and never lets her go on breaks. Emma wants to keep her job so she has to complete all her tasks, but she also needs to let go of some stress if she wants to make it until her real boss returns, so would you like to help her do some things that she really enjoys without getting caught?

How to Play:
Use the mouse to play this game!

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